Koray Ariş

Koray Ariş was born in Adana in 1944. He graduated from Şadi Çarık Workshop of State Fine Arts Academy in 1968. He became a student of Emilio Greco in Rome where he went after his graduation. He established his own workshop in Rome in 1971. The following year, he opened his first personal exhibition. Then, his works were exhibited in many European cities including Florence, Belgrade and Budapest. Having returned to Turkey in 1957, Koray Ariş became a lecturer at the Fine Arts Academy from which he graduated. He left the Academy in 1977 and established his own workshop.

Masks the artists designed for “Anatolian Fire” in 2001 have been wandering tens of countries with the show as well as his works having been visited in Ankara and Istanbul for more than a quarter-century periodically. Sculptures of Koray Ariş were lastly exhibited at Istanbul Modern Arts Museum within the scope of the exhibition titled as “The Memory and The Scale: 15 Artists of Modern Turkish Sculpture”. He maintains his studies in Istanbul. 



08 December 2015 to 25 December 2015
Turkmall Sanat, the centre of UNIQ Istanbul, will host the exhibition of the sculptor Koray Ariş between 8 September and 25 October 2015. Known for...
12 June 2015 to 24 July 2015
New exhibition of sculptor Koray Ariş can address all of your visual, audial and tactual senses. Now works of Koray Ariş, which he completed between...


Leather on Wood
42 x 30 x 15 cm

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Leather on Wood
42 x 30 x 15 cm